Our manned Help Desk and virtual connected systems mean that your building is supported exactly when you need it – every hour of every day, including weekends and holidays.


Help Desk Services

Sometimes, you want to have someone on the end of a phone your staff or tenants can call for reassurance. 

We offer a fully manned Help Desk call handling service that lets your people contact our people by phone, email or through our Help Desk website. We’ll connect them with a full range of repair engineers or specialist contractors. Any problems are taken care of quickly and professionally, without you having to get involved. 

Our trained and experienced staff use a high-end computer-aided facility management (CAFM) system which can oversee your entire portfolio of properties. And it can be branded as your company, to give a seamless service to your staff or tenants. All without you having to invest in your own systems, training and personnel.

Connected Systems

We can offer a virtual solution by connecting your building systems to a fully integrated and managed service solution. We connect your building to our system, which offers exceptional management cost efficiencies, reduced energy management, and improved system monitoring and response.


What this means

Taking care of your property every day

24/7 Help Desk

Fully branded and customised

Accessible by phone, email or website portal

Call handling for all building/workplace defects & emergencies

Staff trained in building services management

Latest CAFM software complete with contractor/engineer apps to manage jobs on site

Connects to our engineers or your contractors

Building system connect & monitoring

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