Why? Because using a drone is quicker, safer and less expensive. By the time you call in high access equipment and specialist contractors, we can have the job done.


Camera drones can easily review storm damage, water leaks, roof and fabric integrity, unstable masonry or cladding at high levels, even on fragile roofs, skylights and areas without edge protection or mansafe systems.

Our building integrity assessments survey the whole external envelope, including building fabric, steelwork, roofs, guttering, skylights, cladding and glazing.

We can assess the condition of asbestos cement roofs as part of asbestos management inspections. Aerial surveys can also review roof-mounted smoke ventilation systems from a prime viewpoint, quickly identifying defective ventilators.

Our chimney inspections assess structural integrity with 4K video and thermal imaging to verify hot spots and thinning without the use of ladder access.

Our surveys include

Roof surveys – including asbestos and fragile structures

Leak detection

Roof warranty audits

Roof safety checks

Lightning protection inspections

Antennae inspections

Chimney, flue & spire surveys

Gutter inspections

Steelwork inspections

Smoke ventilation condition & operational survey

Roof plant condition survey

Bird control – identifying nest locations for quick removal

Fabric & glazing assessments

Sprinkler tank inspections

Contractor work & safety assessments

Security perimeter assessments

Bridge and structure inspections

What this means

Quick and efficient aerial surveys

Access to all high-level areas

Fully insured commercial drone operators

Access to images and video for reports or quotes

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