Using the safest commercial and industrial drone package for your roof survey.

Our experience in reducing costs for our clients and making repairs efficient and effective from the first visit has led us to drone technology.  A roof leak can take an initial visit and often involves invasive coring to find the extent of the damage.  Often it takes several visits to a building to get watertight.  That initial visit may involve scaffold or a mobile elevated platform to investigate the roof, again this is all cost to just investigate and find the issue that is added to the overall cost! What if you could track the water retention on the roof within insulation or between membranes using thermal. What if that thermal camera can access that roof without the need for scaffold or a mobile boom lift and any human risk.

Thermal images of a commercial building's roof

Our Matrice 300 drone is probably the safest commercial and industrial drone on the market. It allows us to be airborne in minutes, safely getting to a location that is secured from the public and traffic. And it’s equipped with the Zenmuse H20T camera – probably the most sophisticated industrial camera unit available which combines thermal imaging with 4K photography/video and a 200x zoom.

Our drone takes a series of thermal images and photography so it can map and tag the location on the roof for further analysis. The image we’ve used on this page is of a roof with known leaks. The darker colour on the roof thermal provides a temperature variation to the existing roof. The darker colour illustrates moisture retention. Our drone will then focus on these areas of temperature variation to obtain additional photography so we can rule out other factors. Our camera is also equipped with laser surveying so it will also measure out the affected area so our roofing team have a more accurate solution quoted to the client. A repair solution without stepping foot on your roof and the associated cost!

Did we mention safety?  The Matrice 300 has 360 degree sensors assessing its current position when working close to buildings or should it lose GPS tracking. It has the ability to land safely if a rotor falls, it its waterproof to IP44 and has secondary components should the primary fail during flight – every failsafe thought out and built in.  Not only is the drone safe but our operators have to pass theory and practical drone piloting skills before being awarded Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Permission for Commercial Operations.  Our drone services are also backed with full insurance of £5m public and building liability insurance.

Virtual FM is a national FM service provider and drone operator.  We can survey your property and oversee the repairs using our highly skilled infrastructure of engineering and specialist partners. Give us a call and we can discuss our Services in more detail.


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